Bruno Preilowski 

               Prof. emer. (Tuebingen Univ.), Dr. habil.,M.Sc., Ph.D.  


               Guestprofessorship for Methods in Behavioral and Brain Science,
               Zeppelin University


               Psychological  Psychotherapist, Children and Young Adult Psychotherapist

               Clinical Neuropsychologist (GNP)

          University Education:

          1964 – 1967       Philipps University, Marburg, Vordipl. (Psychologie)

          1967 – 1970       Tulane University, New Orleans, LA. USA, M.Sc., Ph. D. (Psychology)


          Professional Experience:

          1970 – 1972       Post-doc at Division of Biology (Prof. Roger W. Sperry), California

                                               Institute of Technology (Caltech), Pasadena, CA. USA

          1972 – 1979       Assistant Prof. , Psychological Institute, Konstanz University

          1979 – 2008       University Professor and Head of the Neuropsychological Ambulatory Service
                                               of the Psychological Institute, Tuebingen University

          1983 – 2001       Head of the Weissenau Field Station of the Psychological Institute, Tuebingen University,
                                               in Ravensburg-Weissenau

          since 2010          Guestprofessor, Zeppelin-University, Friedrichshafen

          Guestprofessorships at various Universities and Research Institutions in Europe, the USA, Mexico, Japan, Korea,

                   Australia and New Zealand.

          Member of several national and international psychological and neuropsychological societies.

          Several turns of duty on government and professional committees and task forces concerned with establishing
                   guidelines and contents of professional education, training and licensing in clinical neuropsychology and

          Editor and reviewer for several national and international scientific journals.


         Scientific Honors:

         Sigma Xi

         Fulbright Scholarship (Tulane University)

         Caltech Post-Doc Scholarship (Div. of Biology, Caltech,  Prof. Roger W. Sperry, Nobel Laureate)

         McDonnell-Pew Fellowship in Cognitive Neuroscience (W.M. Keck Center for Integrative Neuroscience, University of
                  California Medical School at  San  Francisco, Senior Fellowship with Prof. Michael M. Merzenich)

         Plaque of Appreciation, Tokyo Society of Medical Sciences and Faculty of Medicine, Univ. of Tokyo, Tokyo (Japan)

         Plaque of Recognition, Yonsei University, Seoul (Rep. Korea)

         Permanent member of the International Neuropsychological Symposium.  


         Original contributions to German and international journals as well as reviews in handbooks and text book chapters
         on Developmental Dyslexia,  callosal functions and interhemispheric interactions, structural and functional  
         neuroanatomy, human and animal split-brain research, neuropsychological diagnostics, neuropsychological

         syndromes, motor coordination, attention and consciousness, history of neuropsychology  (detailed list).

         Minimal claim to fame:

         First description of functions of the anterior Corpus callosum (Preilowski, 1971, 1972a,b,c, 1975a).
         First description of self-recognition (self-consciousness) in the right hemisphere of split-brain patients (Preilowski, 1975b,
                1977d, 1979)

        Current research:

        Perception and production of emotional faces, eye-movements in perceiving and judging chimeric faces as well as in
                face-to-face communication.